Superior Clones

Are superior clones important to you? Healthy, Happy Plants? Delivered on-time when you want them delivered to your production schedule?

Perfect Timing

From award-winning strains, to guaranteed virus-free starts grown from tissue culture, Clean Green Nursery has you covered. We provide exactly what strains you want, and how tall you want them, and the exact timing of when you want them delivered. We work backwards from your production schedule, starting their lives at the exact points so that they are the perfect size and in perfect health when they arrive, at the exact time that you require them.

Maximize Profits

Bigger starts produce better plants because they have more developed foliage and roots, and bigger plants can allow you to maximize your canopy space, have shorter cycles for more production turns, and provide more revenue and profits throughout the year. Doesn’t matter if your plants are 4 inches or 24 inches, they will be ready, strong, and beautiful.

Outdoor, Indoor, or Light Dep

Whether you need plants for your outdoor, indoor, or light dep operations, we harden and acclimate your clones to the precise conditions that they will live their lives, ensuring they are strong and resilient, growing healthy and quickly.

Advanced Tissue Culture

In addition to traditional cloning methods, our advanced tissue culture lab produces elite phenotypes. Every clone will grow, flower, and test identical to the next, resulting in a homogeneous product you can easily market. We can also purify and maximize your own genetics, bringing them back to their original vigor and free of any viruses. Watch your strongest strains consistently shine from one generation to the next.

Relationships, not Transactions

Our mission is to create relationships, not transactions. You will appreciate the difference our friendly and expert team makes. We are here to inspire and enable you to replicate the world’s best phenotypes and grow incredible yields with the most popular and award-winning strains. The success of your cultivation operation is the only measure of our success.