The Autoflower Strain Advantage

The advancement in genetics for autoflower strains is improving rapidly, you no longer have to invest in expensive light dep greenhouses to get multiple harvests throughout the year.

The main advantage of autoflower strains is that it the plant produces flower based on how many days after it is planted, not on the photoperiod, or in other words how long the day is.  Traditionally, cannabis is a photoperiod plant that begins flowering when they receive less light somewhere near the end of summer, typically in late August.

Another advantage of autoflower cannabis strains are they are native to colder environments, so they are really good at not just surviving, but even growing, in the colder harsher time of the year, such as late winter or early spring.

Back in the early 2000's, autoflower got a bad rap due to lower yields, and rumors spread like wildfire making autos automatically dismissed by many growers.

But we aren't in Kansas anymore folks - it's 2020.  We have had decades of advancements and breeding to solve those early problems.  We are now producing great strains that don't compromise yield or quality.  

All of this sums up to one key point.  Farmers can now get at least 2, sometimes even 3 harvests on their land throughout the year.  The key strategy is to plant a "Spring Autoflower" crop, so that you have a harvest in the summer and can produce cashflow for your farm in the time of the year when farmers need it most.  While it won't have the exact yield of a fall harvest, it's a shot in the arm of cash that helps anyone.

You no longer need expensive light dep greenhouses to get multiple harvests in the year.

Some farmers can even get 2 cycles of autoflowers and one long season of normal photoperiod strains for the fall, dependent on the location in the state.

By leaning on your nursery, we can start autos here off of your farm, bring larger plants, and then shorten the cycle even further.  Additionally, we can start your photoperiod long season plants long before you harvest your autos, so that you are putting large teens into the ground, which will give you incredible yields.  By working with Clean Green Nursery, we can devise a plan to maximize your farms output all year round providing the more revenue that you ever could have thought possible.


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